Upcoming Workshops

I am really excited to be collaborating with two fabulous women to run these unique events.


Weaving Wellness - a blend of craft and health. 




I have the pleasure of working with, Buffy, my good friend, who also happens to be the extremely talented wool artist and shepherdess, The Twisted Felter.  Together we are hosting a relaxed, fun morning where you will learn to weave and how to improve your health. 





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Tropical Health - health and radiance that is more than skin-deep


I have recently met Cally and she introduced me to Tropic skincare and I fell in love!  According to the Tropic website, they make "skincare products that feed your skin with nature's most nutritious ingredients."  What's there not to love? We decided to join forces to deliver a morning combining health and skincare.  I will share my favourite "Little Lifestyle Wins" and Cally will take you through a practical hands-on skincare routine using deliciously, wonderful Tropic products.  





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highlighted that small changes can have a huge impact

- - RAF Executive Officer